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Bachelor of Fine Arts is an Undergraduate level degree program. The program is meant for the students who have a passion to study fine arts and different facets of it like drawing, visualization etc. The program is developed in such a way so as to create interest in the candidates about fine arts. The program covers the creation of visual art works. Some of the visual arts are like photography, sculpture, theatre, painting, architecture and dance. This course is also known as B.F.A or B.V.A (Bachelor of Visual Arts). Both the program are the same. In the initial year of the program topics like portraiture, art history, watercolor, figure drawing etc. are covered in the course.

What Students Says

Elite Institute of Fashion Design has been instrumental in my personal & professional development. I am well placed Artist in Fine Art industry due to what I learnt at the Institute.

Cheshta Chanana

Bachelor of Fine Arts ( B.F.A)

Duration: 3 Year (BFA) | Course Modules: 1st Year

  • Object Drawing - I
  • Nature Study - I
  • Life Drawings - I
  • Design in Applied Arts
  • Drawing & Painting
  • Fundamentals of Visual Art

Duration: 3 Year (BFA) | Course Modules: 2nd Year

  • Object Drawing - II
  • Nature Study - II
  • Life Drawings - II
  • History of Art I (Indian Art)
  • Life Study
  • Materials and Methods
  • Photography

Duration: 3 Year (BFA) | Course Modules: 3rd Year

  • Creative Composition
  • Creative drawing
  • History of Art II (Western Art)
  • Information Technology

Job Opportunities

3d Artist


Art Critic

Art Director

Art Teacher

Creative Director

Drawing Teacher

Freelance Workers

Furniture Designer

Graphic Artist/ Designer

Senior Graphic Designer

Set Designer

Sr. Art Director

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